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Sucker Punch Skate Shop

Welcome to the Sucker Punch Skate Shop - Europe's finest and best stocked Roller Derby shop. We carry a very wide range of products, models and sizes. If you are looking for something specific, contact us as we can get our hands on almost anything ;)

We operate both online as in our physical store.

You're welcome at the Sucker Punch Skate Shop in Reep 24, 9000 Gent - Belgium every wednesday through friday from 12-18u and on saturdays from 12-17u.

You can call us during opening hours, email us or use the chat box at the bottom for quick questions.

  • RD Elite Octane

    RD Elite Octane

    The Pro Octane Plate from Roller Derby Elite is the highest quality plate Roller Derby Elite has to offer. From the 7075  Aluminum making this one of the strongest plates out there, to the close detail in precision machined axles. This plate is about performance and strength. The stronger the plate the more force you can push through it onto the...

    249,95 €
  • Chaya Ruby Indoor

    Chaya Ruby Indoor

    139,95 €
  • Riedell She Devil Triton Plate
    Reduced price! New

    Riedell She Devil...

    This is a great set up for any beginner or intermediate skater. The She Devil has a leather 126 boot built with a woman’s foot in mind: narrower in the heel and wider in the ball of the foot, the 126 boot of the She Devil provides a form-fitting feel for superior response when you’re on the track. To assure grip on...

    292,46 €
  • **New** Radar Halo

    **New** Radar Halo

    The all new performance wheel from Radar brings you more precision while not giving in on grip. This magical combination is possible because of the shape of the hub and how the urethane has been poured around it.

    49,95 €
  • SISU Mouthguard 1.6 Aero

    SISU Mouthguard 1.6 Aero

    Thin mouthguard. You can breath, drink and talk with it. No drooling :) Available in 10 colors and 2 different thicknesses!

    24,95 €
  • 187 Killer Pads Fly Knee

    187 Killer Pads Fly Knee

    Globally popular, the Fly Knee is the slimmest and most versatile knee pad.  The Fly Knee is a proven option for safety and protection.

    44,95 €
  • RD Elite Stomp Factor 1 Skate Pack

    RD Elite Stomp Factor 1...

    Stomp Factor 1 Skates are the headliner of the Roller Derby Elite Series. Full grain leather uppers, micro leather comfort liners, contoured tongues, and pro leather stitched outsoles in the boots are as good as it gets. The 7000 series aluminum Octane Chassis feature 10° kingpins that provides great stability. Chase Alpha wheels have an aluminum hub...

    499,95 €
  • Antik AR-1 Boots

    Antik AR-1 Boots

    The well known AR-1 boots feature some changes per request of the skaters. The achilles area has a new cut for a more comfortable wear, without compromising the ankle support. The 'ergo-form' last and open toe design bring a more ergonomical fit and comfort. To top it all off, you can choose between two color options (incl in the price) or you...

    439,95 €
  • 187 Killer Pads SLIM Elbow

    187 Killer Pads SLIM Elbow

    Designed for athletes who want high-level performance with a slimmer fit. The compact design cradles the elbow, offering superior comfort without compromising safety or protection. 

    35,95 €
  • Derby Cult † Logo - Totebag
  • Derby Cult † Logo - Crop Top
  • Derby Cult † Straight Outta Derby - Muscle Top
  • Derby Cult † Logo - High Neck
  • PowerDyne Arius Platinum

    PowerDyne Arius Platinum

    The PowerDyne Arius Platinum is performance redesigned. Core design elements like the Progressive Lateral Movement technology and butterfly cushions. Split Butterfly Cushions now slide into place in the updated winged truck design and no longer require tiny screws. The toe stop set screw has moved forward on the plate for added security while the...

    374,95 €
  • SP Ceramic Bearings

    SP Ceramic Bearings

    SP Ceramic Hybrid Bearings - A class apart - Set of 16 - No break-in period needed - Spacers included

    89,95 €
  • TSG Basic Fresh Meat Package
    Reduced price!

    TSG Basic Fresh Meat...

    The TSG Basic package is very budget friendly combination of TSG protective gear with Riedell R3 roller skates

    199,95 €