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Sucker Punch Skate Shop - Europe's finest roller derby shop

Welcome to the Sucker Punch Skate Shop - Europe's finest and best stocked Roller Derby shop. We carry a very wide range of products, models and sizes. If you are looking for something specific, contact us as we can get our hands on almost anything ;)

We operate both online as in our physical store.

You're welcome at the Sucker Punch Skate Shop in Reep 24, 9000 Gent - Belgium every wednesday through friday from 12-18u and on saturdays from 12-17u.

You can call us during opening hours, email us or use the chat box at the bottom for quick questions.

Merry shopping!

  • Roll-Line Killer
    Reduced price!

    Roll-Line Killer

    Highly technical frame with crossbrace structure and excellent structural rigidity. Created with top athletes and coaches in the world and already appreciated by them.

    349,95 €
  • Roll-Line Gladiator

    Roll-Line Gladiator

    88 - 90 - 92 - 95A Set of 4(!)

    43,95 €
  • Roll-Line Blaster

    Roll-Line Blaster

    Created from the best seller Roll Line plate, expecially revisited for Roller Derby.

    159,95 €
  • Roll-Line Helium

    Roll-Line Helium

    The Helium wheel is expressly studied to skate on the streets. It’s smooth and quiet. Its main feature is the high abrasion resistance and outstanding grip on all types of asphalt. Set of 4(!)

    29,95 €
  • Derby Pro Knee 187 Killer Pads

    Derby Pro Knee 187...

    YES! These are the all new 187 Derby Pro Knee Pads everybody is raving about. More compact than its original Pro Killer Pad and fully adjusted to the needs of the derby skater. Check out the different colors and nifty changes that will make you LOVE protective knee pads. Made with a woman's shape in mind.

    89,95 €
  • Pivot Star Chica Bomb Hot Shorts

    Pivot Star Chica Bomb...

    Retro style athletic derby shorts. High waisted = no bumps ;)

    34,95 €
  • 187 Knee & Elbow Combo Pack

    187 Knee & Elbow Combo...

    Design and craftsmanship proven in the 187 Pro Series is used to optimize the fit, comfort, and durability of this pack. Affordable protection in the quality 187 Killer Pads product line. Perfect for the starting skater on a tight budget.

    54,95 €
  • S-One Lifer Helmet - Red Gloss

    S-One Lifer Helmet -...

    The S-ONE Lifer Helmet is designed to fit low on the head like a traditional soft foam skateboard helmet, but it has a break through design combining the added safety of a CPSC certified helmet with the comfort of a soft foam helmet. The Lifer has an old school look with the traditional circular air vents and a high-impact EPS foam inner mold for...

    54,95 €
  • Sure Grip Shock Stop Toe Stops

    Sure Grip Shock Stop...

    Featuring a new exciting formula, the Shock Stop is extremely durable, light weight (!) and long lasting even outdoors. These are non-marking!

    24,95 €
  • TSG Force III RASTA Knee Pad

    TSG Force III RASTA...

    The TSG Force III's are heavily padded, without being bulky. The ergonmic shape makes these comfortable and well-fitting. Having an open back design with neoprene straps, makes the Force III knee pad easy to put on while providing a perfect fit with high quality material. The caps can be changed. These have the...

    99,95 €
  • Vertigo Q4 Boot

    Vertigo Q4 Boot

    Built from a woman's foot shape, these boots are a true innovation to the range of Roller Derby skates and boots. The boots use Barefoot technology mimicking the shape of your foot and creating a glove-like fit. The microfiber inside of the boot provides comfort and the 'pro back' padding system will lock your heel in place.  On top of that,...

    299,95 €
  • Riedell Blue Streak sport PRO

    Riedell Blue Streak...

    This package is the top of the line. Combine the high quality, yet comfortable Blue Streak boots with the super precise

    699,95 €
  • Crazy DBX 3 Pack

    Crazy DBX 3 Pack

    VEGAN Black DBX boots on highly responsive (20° truck) Venus plates. This is a full setup with bearings, wheels and toe stops. But also extra sets of cushions and different innersoles to set this package up to your liking in no time. Heat moldable! 

    399,95 €
  • TSG Basic Fresh Meat Package
    Reduced price!

    TSG Basic Fresh Meat...

    The TSG Basic package is very budget friendly combination of TSG protective gear with Riedell R3 roller skates

    199,95 €
  • Roll-Line Abec 9 Speed Race (7mm)

    Roll-Line Abec 9 Speed...

    1 shield bearings 627, ABEC 9 set of 16 (!)  

    44,95 €
  • SISU Mouthguard 1.6 WITH CASE

    SISU Mouthguard 1.6...

    Thin mouthguard. You can breath, drink and talk with it. No drooling :) Available in white with a black or white case. Super practical! (spray in photo is NOT included)

    29,95 €